We use only the finest ingredients from our handmade, organic skincare line, Velvet Skincare. These and other products can be purchased at our location. Add-Ons for facials are only $30 and are listed on our Medical Treatment page.

The 24K Gold LUXE Facial

60 minutes, $175
90 minutes, $450
“The fountain of youth…has a price.” This decadent facial includes Diamond microdermabrasion, 24K Gold collagen mask, hydrating mask with gold dust, collagen eye and lip treatment, goats milk and honey bath for neck and decollete and a paraffin hand treatment. The 90 minute LUXE treatment also includes a glass of champagne and a luxurious chenille bath robe for you to take home.

The LUXE Caviar Facial

60 minutes, $175
90 minutes, $450
The LUXE Caviar Facial includes an exfoliating and detoxifying Dead Sea scrub, caviar mask, collagen treatment for eyes and lips, microcurrent product infusion, seaweed wrap for neck and decollete and a paraffin hand treatment. The 90 minute LUXE treatment also includes a glass of champagne and a luxurious chenille bath robe for you to take home.

The Velvet Signature Facial

60 minutes, $150
This pampering facial is customized to fit your skin’s specific needs.  Facial includes skin analysis, cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions, customized mask (hydrating, age-defying, or detoxifying), and ends with our highly effective serums and calming, creamy eye treatment.

The Collagen Hydra-Facial

60 minutes, $175
This plumping, hydrating facial begins with a cucumber steam and an invigorating pomegranate scrub, followed by a collagen treatment for the face, lips, neck and decollete, a cucumber eye treatment and ends with a moisturizing, warm honey-drip facial massage.

Le Chocolat Visage (The Chocolate Facial)

60 minutes, $150
This new hydrating facial we’ve added to our menu begins with an emollient vanilla cleanse followed by a honey almond scrub and features our new rich-and-creamy Chocolate Parfait Masque. Chocolate is known for its moisture–rich benefits and high antioxidant properties. A perfect balance of therapy and pure decadence…and of course absolutely delicious.

The Pumpkin Peel Facial

60 minutes, $150
Age preservation has never smelled so sweet!   Pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants and its active enzymes provide a natural chemical exfoliation.  The extra glycolic acid helps speed up cell turnover rate and reduce the signs of aging.  This pampering, rejuvenating facial will leave your skin with a new, youthful radiant glow.

The Anti-Aging Citrus Peel Facial

60 minutes, $175
Our AHA Facial is perfect for rejuvenating, tightening and brightening the skin, while minimizing visible fine lines and uneven skin tone. We believe this is an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical peels with a safer, more controlled, yet highly effective result. This deep exfoliating treatment rids the epidermis of unwanted dead skin cells and is also stimulating and regenerating for new cell growth.  After peeling treatment, a fresh avocado mask is applied to hydrate and soothe, followed by an egg white & lemon mask, to help lighten, tighten and firm. We use our Hydra-Cell Therapy serum with Galvanic to help penetrate the ingredients deeper into the epidermis, delivering moisture and oxygen to cells. Your skin will look plump and feel more hydrated and have a youthful, radiant glow.

The Beautiful Blossom

60 minutes, $150
This lovely hydrating facial uses pure essential oils of rose; perfect for the skin suffering from the effects of Colorado’s dry climate.  Facial begins with moisture-rich cleanse, steam with rose oil, exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, vitamin rich serums, emollient soothing creams and finishes with a rosewater moisture mist.  This facial will help tired, dry skin blossom and is also wonderful for relieving stress.

The Deep Pore Cleanse

60 minutes, $120
3-Treatment series $300
($100 each)
This treatment caters to the client with acne-prone skin needing professional extraction methods. Service includes cleansing, steaming, vacuum suction, extractions and calming moisturizer.

The GQ Facial (Men's Facial)

60 minutes, $120
This is for the men. Gentlemen start getting your treatments done quarterly!  Facial includes detoxifying cleanse, hot steam, vacuum suction, extractions, purifying mask, calming cream, and neck and shoulder massage.  Perfect treatment with back facial.

The Detoxifying Back Facial

60 minutes, $150
3-Treatment series $375 ($125 each)
This treatment is designed for the active client needing professional attention to the back and shoulders. Service includes an anti-bacterial Tea Tree cleanse, Dead Sea Salt scrub, hot steam, extractions, purifying and detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, and a complimentary High Frequency spot treatment. This purifying cleanse ends with a soothing, invigorating massage.

The Little Diva / The Little GQ Teen Facial

60 minutes, $100
This treatment is specifically designed for teenage acne. Service includes purifying cleanse, steam, vacuum suction, extractions, high frequency, anti-bacterial mask, acne treatment and calming moisturizer.