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Medical Treatments

Introducing our state of the art, Age-Management Center.  Our non-invasive skin renewal treatments offer safe, effective, immediate results through advanced, innovative technology.


Single Treatment – 30 minutes, $100
Single Treatment – 60 minutes, $150
3-Treatment series $360
This highly effective exfoliation procedure can reduce the appearance of superficial fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and superficial scarring, resulting in smoother skin with fewer visible signs of aging. The Derma Pod is our high performance, dual system microdermabrasion device which delivers microdermabrasion with or without crystals.

Other conventional, or simply outdated microdermabrasion devices, project a direct flow of crystals onto the surface of the skin through a handpiece positioned at a 45° or a 90° angle. This leads to variable and unpredictable abrasion, resulting in redness, discomfort, scratching and bruising.  The Derma Pod turbo flow system resolves these problems by generating a circular, vortex-like motion resulting in a perfectly safe and even abrasion that can be used to treat even the most sensitive areas.  We offer single treatments as well as  packages. We of course encourage packages for more cost effective maintenance, or to achieve more dramatic results.


Single Treatment – 60 minutes, $200
3-Treatment series $525 ($175 each)
6-Treatment series $900 ($150 each)

Single Treatment – 30 minutes, $125
3-Treatment series 30 minutes $300
($100 each)
Hydradermabrasion treatments are highly effective in improving the skin’s texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and providing deeper hydration to the skin.  Blood circulation is improved which leads to greater collagen production and thus skin tone improvement.  Other skin related conditions that can be improved by Hydradermabrasion treatments are scarring, acne, unwanted pigmentation, blackheads and puffy eyes. Supplements and nutrients are also infused with water to penetrate deeper into the epidermis, as well as, our new Bio-Synthesis LED light to raise the efficacy of those ingredients to the dermis layer.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels
Single Treatment – 30 minutes, $75
As Add-On, $50
3-Treatment Series $195 ($65 each)

ALPHA PEEL – Recommended for all skin types. Glycolic acid peels can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look by softening, smoothing and exfoliating the skin.
BETA PEEL – Deep cleansing anti-bacterial peel for oily and acne prone skin. This Salicylic peel also helps reduce scarring from severe acne.
LACTIC PEEL – Recommended for dry, sensitive and aging skin, Lactic acid allows for a quick superficial, yet effective peel by decreasing hyperpigmentation and retexturizing the skin. No visible flaking of the epidermal layer will occur which makes this an excellent “lunchtime peel”. Perfect for those who have never had a peel or to use when beginning a series of peels.

Non-Surgical Facelift (with neck and décolleté)

Single Treatment – 60 minutes, $200
3-Treatment series $525 ($175 each)
6-Treatment series $900 ($150 each)
This is a non-invasive treatment. Our state of the art Age-management System, The Derma Pod, integrates localized photobiostimulation and micro-current technology that produces visible lifting results, stimulates circulation, increases collagen production and accelerates the healing of skin cells.

Anti-Acne Treatment with LED Light Therapy

Single Treatment – 60 minutes,  $150
Cell Renewal Treatment with LED light therapy and Microdermabrasion, our revolutionary acne and hyperpigmentation treatment.  Microdermabrasion and Violet light are used together as a non-invasive, natural treatment to fight scarring (from acne and sun-damage), hyperpigmentation and congestion due to the spread of bacteria. Your skin will look and feel revitalized, healthy and clear.

Organic Citrus Polish & Peel

Single Treatment – 30 minutes, $90
Introducing our organic, glycolic skin-resurfacing treatment.  This natural, yet effective peel, removes dead skin cells and promotes the penetration of moisture and healing  ingredients deeper into the epidermis. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and have a radiant, youthful glow.


Single Treatment $50
As Add-On $30
~Anti-wrinkle Treatment:
A stimulating massage for wrinkles and fine lines that improves blood flow, oxygenates the skin and provides better cell nutrition.
~Lymphatic Drainage Treatment:
This treatment is programmed to produce a gentle rhythmic suction to promote and help lymphatic drainage.


Single Treatment $75
As Add-On $50
Surgery-free lifting device that uses 3 phases of low intensity microcurrents: cellular and circulatory stimulation, muscle toning, and cell regeneration.


Single Treatment $50
As Add-On $30
~Iontoderm Treatment:
This treatment method is used for disincrustation, or “deep pore cleansing.”
~Iontophoresis Treatment:
This treatment method is used to infuse product deeper into the skin.

High Frequency

Single Treatment $50
As Add-On $30
High Frequency is used for its germicidal, stimulating and soothing effects.  Effective for treating and preventing breakouts and the spread of bacteria on the epidermis.

Micro-Needling With Booster and LED Light

Single Treatment – 30minutes, $100
This concept of skin renewal can be described simply as wound and heal.  In order for our skin to have a smooth and healthy glow, it must continually be replenished with new cells. Micro needling renews your skin cells from the inside out by using Collagen Induction Therapy. This is a process where our Derma-rollers’ 200 fine medical-grade needles are rolled over your skin to cause pores in your skin to open temporarily. While your pores are opened, it triggers your body’s natural healing process to heal the pores thereby stimulating collagen and elastin production. The production of collagen and elastin helps to thicken the skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and rid the skin of hyperpigmentation. When the Derma-roller is applied simultaneously with the application of our booster serums, your skins absorption of vitamins, enzymes, lipids and other nourishing ingredients are greatly enhanced.


Single Treatment $50
As Add-On $30